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Premiere: Conrad Clifton - TIME [EP Stream]

TIME will be released tomorrow.
Conrad Clifton

Conrad Clifton

Brooklyn-based Conrad Clifton doesn’t care how you think his projects should sound. He is doing it his own way. His new TIME EP, which we are premiering for you today, is another example of that, seesawing between blissed-out electronica, more uptempo trap beats and hip-hop.

A few of the records have already been released, but they add to the greater picture that Clifton is trying to paint. He mixes in two glitchy, short table setters in “Uknowthe T” and “Contact” that take you from one part of the project to the next. “Kneel da Grass / Tight Son” shows the smooth and experimental electronica in his repertoire, while “Kylo” has the energy you might find in a peak moment of a club set. He links up with Da Rookiez for the only vocal record on the project – a frenetic rap collab.

“I wanted to release TIME on the 1-year anniversary of Beautiful Tragedy, as both a concept and a creative experiment. At this moment in society, we're all ADD and nothing really lasts - and if you don't catch something the moment it drops, you've missed the "hype train" so you might not be into it later. The idea is to have the listener revisit Beautiful Tragedy (or hear it for the first time) after a full year, and have it be unique enough that it still feels new, engaging, and not dated,” explains Clifton to Magnetic.

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“Each song on TIME is designed around the title track, in order to fit into that world, where electronic music meets "modern" hip-hop. It is this strange universe where Bonobo meets Smokepurpp, lol. You'd think that meeting would never happen, but A$AP Rocky just sampled Moby, soooo. Also, TIME literally picks up right after the album, so you could play them back-to-back and zone out, which I recommend.”

Conrad Clifton’s TIME will be released tomorrow, April 27 via all DSP’s including Spotify

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