Premiere: Marc Houle & Sian Share Two Dark, Groove Techno Tunes As Marsian

Marsian is here with their new EP 'Time To Change Your Time,' set for release on Monday.
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Marsian Mark Houle & Sian

Marsian - Marc Houle & Sian

Octopus Recordings boss Sian and Items and Things founder Marc Houle are reuniting for the second time to release a new EP under their project Marsian titled Time To Change Your Time. The EP will be released on Monday, but if you aren’t feeling patient and want some dark, driving techno in your life (I don’t blame you), we have the full EP premiere for you today.

"It’s dark, driving, groovy party techno,” says Marc Houle. “These are my two favorite tracks from the Marsian project so far!”

The EP opener and title track “Time To Change Your Time” is a spacier and more hypnotic cut that builds and builds with oscilating synths and a strong bassline. It eventually lifts up out of the depths of hell with a dark fury and smacks you. Then they hit with the second track “Don’t Stop” that has brings you back down and sets you on the dancefloor with more emphasis on the groove as a steady, rolling bassline carries the track.

"Still neither of us can remember exactly how we met, but have quickly settled into a great working mode. It's been super interesting observing the new style emerge from both of our collective brains,” says Sian to Magnetic. “These new tracks are murkier, edgier - definitely more experimental and club oriented than anything we have done so far.”

Time To Change Your Time will be released this Monday, April 16 via Octupus Recordings. Stream the full EP below.  

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