Premiere: Ride With Russ Liquid On His Bouncy Balkan Bump 'Aymo' Remix

The Russ Liquid remix comes as part of a four-part remix package for Balkan Bump's collab with Talib Kweli.
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Balkan Bump

Balkan Bump

Balkan Bump is prepping a remix package for his tune “Aymo” with Talib Kweli and we have the Russ Liquid for you today to premiere. The original already brings together funk, jazz and hip-hop, but Russ Liquid adds some extra bounce with his remix.

Balkan Bump brings the sitar and then Russ Liquid adds some extra horns and drums, to bring out an even better sound on his remix. The funny part is that Balkan Bump forgot to send some of his horn parts to Russ Liquid, so Russ had to re-record them and put them on the remix. So the ones you hear aren't from the original, but actually done by Russ Liquid.

"I can't stop listening to Russ Liquid's ‘Aymo’ remix - every time I hear a new detail. There's a funny happy accident that happened here too. I forgot to send Russ my trumpet parts for the remix," Balkan Bump explains to Magnetic. "Luckily he's a dope sax Player and trumpet player, so he came up with his own parts and recorded them beautifully. The result is a sultry, playful, experimental, freaky musical voyage."

The Russ Liquid remix will be released tomorrow, April 27 as part of a four-part remix package alongside Poldoore, Kotek and Sidecar Tommy. 

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