Puma, Roland Launching TR-808 Running Shoes

Unfortunately you can't make any beats with these.

Roland is going all in on the TR-808 craze at the moment. Earlier this week they announced a collaboration with UNIQLO for a run of TR-808 t-shirts and now they have partnered with Puma for some TR-808 sneakers. Unlike the last time, the seminal hardware company unveiled a sneaker collab, you can actually buy these.

As CDM reports, the color scheme is actually reboot of their RS (Running Shoe) line from the 1980’s. Notably this is from the RS-0. The sneakers are in black with orange accents.

In addition to Roland, Puma also went to Polaroid and Sega for special looks.

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Can these shoes make you a beat? No. Roland worked with Adidas last year on special beatmaking shoes, but they were never released commercially to the public.

There is no info on when the shoes will be released, where or for how much. But stay tuned for more details for when you can cut it up on the dancefloor while the DJ cuts it up in the booth.

They can be purchased now via vendors like Footlocker. Sizes may be limited.

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