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Shiba San, a Dirtybird treasure, has blessed us with his second EP release, “Off to Funk” with Relief Records, Green Velvet’s Chicago based record label.

Shiba San’s hit “OKAY,” came after his long career in the French hip-hop scene, and put him on the map for international fame in electronic music. His eclectic style of Chicago house, tech, and French hip-hop creates this fantastic, original sound that has solidified his name in this genre. His strong sound has given him the opportunity to work with big names such as Claude VonStroke and Eats Everything, while releasing tracks on the Suara Label and, of course, the beloved DirtyBird label.

It is only fitting that “Off to Funk” be released on Relief Records. This four track project, comprised of two master cuts and two shortened mixes, pushes Shiba San’s deeper Chicago House sound while enveloping the Relief Record's and Green Velvet’s own tone. “Back to Funk” is the most energetic of the two songs with heavy hi-hats and a strong bass-line. The song is perfect to get the crowd going and keep them dancing. “Off,” on the other hand, shows Shiba San’s wide range and melodic strengths. “Off,” gives the crowd a little break from hard bass lines with more mellow sound than its counterpart “Back to Funk.”

The best way to listen to any of Shiba San’s music is live in an intimate club. This past Saturday we were able to experience this in a small Miami inspired nightclub, BluLounge, in the middle of Indianapolis. We were a little apprehensive going in, Indianapolis has a heavy bass scene and not known for its house shows. However, it could not be more perfect. The notorious Keeping It Deep Presents, an Indy-based promotion company, knew what they were doing when they brought Shiba San to BluLounge. Shiba San was able to transport us to Chicago for the perfect intimate house set. As soon as walked in, you were greeted with the friendly staff from BluLounge, which continued with the most lovable crowd. Right inside the door was Shiba San, not three feet away from his fans dancing along with everyone. The crowd loved every minute of Shiba San’s set and could not stop buzzing when he dropped his new tracks. There was no need to be apprehensive, the show and venue were the perfect pair.

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2018 has already started off strong for Shiba San. We can't wait to see what he does while touring this festival season. 

Listen to Shiba San’s new EP “Off to Funk” now.

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