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Savoring Artisan Chocolate Infused with Legal CBD

These hand-crafted chocolate bars offer a delectable natural taste with a gentle high that’s legal in all 50 states.
GronCBD Chocolate

For those looking to try CBD who live in a state where cannabis is not legalized, check out GrönCBD bars. Derived from the bark of an invasive pine tree and fair trade source chocolate, these hand-crafted chocolate bars offer a delectable natural taste with a gentle high that’s legal in all 50 states.

My personal favorite is their Magical Milk Chocolate Bar made from 38% cacao milk chocolate and infused with CBD derived from natural tree bark. Then these bars are sprinkled with locally sourced hand-harvested Jacobsen sea salt. The end result is a buttery caramel taste that’s smooth and silky with just a tiny crunch from the salt.

Those looking for a dark chocolate vegan option should try their Deepest Darkest Chocolate Bar made with 72% cacao dark chocolate. Like the milk chocolate bar, this bar is also topped with Jacobsen sea salt and infused with the same CBD.

Unlike some “legal” CBD products made using chemicals or very poor quality hemp powder, this CBD is produced by a company called PureForm using non-cannabis natural botanicals.

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GronCBD Chocolate Bar

Jake Cormier of Clear Bright Dawn who represents PureForm, expounds on the uniqueness of using non-cannabis CBD in edible products such as GrönCBD.

“Because PureForm CBD is not derived from Cannabis or its closely related sibling Hemp, it is not subject to the Federal Controlled Substances Act. Therefore it has advantages legally and can cross State lines and mainstream banking and accounting principals can be utilized. In Oregon, PureForm is not regulated within the dispensary market (as hemp based CBD now is) and is not subject to the accounting (METRC) requirements or the sales tax.

"PureForm is produced at a cGMP FDA licensed Food Grade facility. It is therefore pure and pristine - the common concerns plaguing hemp derived products (pesticides, fertilizers, toxins and heavy metals) do not impact the quality of PureForm. PureForm can be made at scale and is not subject to seasonal impacts or the 6 month wait for hemp to grow and be harvested. Because PureForm is derived from by-products and invasive plants, it has a tiny carbon footprint compared to hemp which uses large amounts of space, energy, water, fertilizer and pesticide to produce. 

"Finally, PureFrom is designed to form as a rod-like crystalline structure which is unique and maximizes bio-availability (potency, efficacy). In essence although it is identical CBD - it is very different in what it comes from and how it is made - which provide it tremendous advantages and make it better.”

For additional information or to order GrönCBD, log on to their website.

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