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[Ghoul Pop] Soul Bandit - Living A Dream

Soul Bandit Puts Happiness In Perspective on Her Latest Track "Living A Dream"
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Soul Bandit's first release of 2018.

Soul Bandit's first release of 2018.

Picking up right where she left off after her EP release in Q4 of last year, LA's’ very own Soul Bandit, is finally back with her first release of the year. The dark experimental electro/pop project has been making waves amongst the local electronic music scene here in Southern California and her latest release, Living A Dream’ is an eerily catchy house production that takes inspiration from the monotonous and commercial illusions that bleed into our everyday lives. Soul Bandit's nonconforming reaction to superficial garbage often portrayed in mainstream media, television, and the current political climate is this track. The song serves as Soul Bandit’s personal reminder to always try and see life through a different lens. She sent along this quote about her new release when she sent us the track.

"Every day we're told by society what things should make us happy in life, what equals “ success". We torture ourselves day after day, chasing things that will make us happy, that make us look desirable in the eyes of others. The money you have, the size of your waistline, the number of social media followers you get; this does not equal happiness or success, it’s what we’re told happiness looks like. Money. Things. Status. More more more! There will always be more stuff to buy, more followers to get, more money to earn. And yet there are 844 million people right now that don’t even have access to clean water. That’s 1 in 9 people. But still, here we are, living in our bubble, feeling worthless if we don’t have the newest iPhone, don’t have a certain amount of social media followers, and don’t have Kim Kardashian’s ass"
- Soul Bandit 

Listeners, new and old , will find themselves in mesmerizing groove of sultry basslines coupled with a hauntingly appealing melody. Expect to hear Soul Bandit’s distorted voice chanting the track’s title until it gets chopped and morphed into a different audio experience.

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Head over to Soul Bandit’s Soundcloud or Spotify to explore the rest of her music including her EP, Alone in Life, Together in Death 

You can also catch Soul Bandit performing at Broke LA this weekend. Tickets are available here.

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