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Spotify, Hulu Launches $12.99 Bundle In The US

Spotify and Hulu are coming together.
Spotify Hulu

Spotify & Hulu are teaming up to launch a very economical bundle for existing Spotify premium users. The new “Spotify Premium with Hulu” bundle will only cost $12.99 and bring together Spotify Premium with Hulu’s “limited commercial” service.

Spotify Premium costs $9.99 per month and Hulu’s limited commercial service costs $7.99 per month, so there is a savings of five dollars at additional the cost of three dollars per month. The completely ad-free Hulu experience that costs $11.99-per-month is not included in this package.

Existing Spotify users can upgrade now and non-users will be eligible sometime this summer.

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In the end it isn’t a perfect deal because there will still be some commercials, but it does give existing Spotify users a chance to get access to Hulu original programming and their licensed shows. As more people cut the chord, for an extra $3 per month, this is a good price to pay for what you are getting. 

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