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The Best of the Underground At Miami Music Week 2018

Magnetic Mag has made a list of the top underground parties and labels' showcases that are worth hitting up next time around! We tab parties by DJ Sneak, Electric Dream, Psycho Disco! and more.

Miami Music Week is home to staple parties like Sasha's Last Night on Earth Boat Cruise, All Gone Pete Tong Pool Party, Tini and the Gang Boat Party and of course, Space Closing Party Marathon. Though these are the biggest events, they're not the only ones happening in Miami during that week. Various labels and event brands host amazing parties throughout the week at various venues with all your favorite DJs/Producers performing at a fraction of the cost! We recapped a few of them so you know what to look out for next year.

DJ Sneak Presents I'm A House Gangster BBQ @ SQL Miami

Line Up: DJ Sneak, Oscar G, Doc Martin, Paul Johnson, Jesse Perez, Doorly  

Support: Hatcha, Destrada, Designerz, Sex Sells, Lupe Fuentes, Juan Basshead

DJ Sneak rocked a Tuesday with his I'm A House Gangster BBQ where the freshest beats were served with delicious BBQ from 5PM - 5AM. Nothing like groovin' to get yerself hungry and then snackin on some stacks! 


Afro Acid, Soup NYC & RVDIOVCTIVE Present: SWEEEET @ Do Not Sit On The Furniture 

Line Up: Sonny Fodera, DJ Pierre, Kenny Dope, Mat.Joe, Love & Logic, Devon James x Ant LaRock, Atomyard & WILL OB x Subrinse 

Do Not Sit on The Furniture hosted the SWEEEET party and it was a fabulously fun time! House and Acid legends on deck and a vibe that was more than amazing for a Saturday night in Miami. 


Electric Dream @ C-Level Rooftop Terrace

Line Up: Todd Terry, Supernova, Gianni Bini, Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, RYBO, Lubesky, Big Ma.Mi, Lenny, Cales & Mr. Hyde & George Vidal

A free event with an RSVP, Electric Dream brought Supernova, Todd Terry and the Desert Hearts Crew to a rooftop terrace @ C-Level for a bouncy and fun day party! Did I mention free?! I'll keep saying that throughout this list! 


Psycho Disco! @ The Cape Miami

Line Up: Todd Terry, DJ Pierre, Treasure Fingers, Codes, Golf Clap, DJ Alexander Techniques b2b Lupe Fuentes, Sly Turner, E.R.N.E.S.T.O. b2b Hunter Reid, Funk Manchu, Devon James b2b WILL OB & Aaron Lainez

RVDIOVCTIVE had its brand on some of the amazing events this Miami Music Week and Townhouse Hotel was the spot this past week. Their rooftop parties were intimate and were a great way to spend the day listening to awesome beats! 


Eve & Undr The Radr @ 1-800-Lucky

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Line Up: Kristen Knight, Lupe Fuentes, Miss Jennifer, Sydney Blu, Viviana Toscanini, Roger Sanchez, DJ Sneak b2b Junior Sanchez, Huxley, Nove b2b Espinal & Saliva Commandos

Rocher Sanchez's Undr The Radr hosted an all female line up for the day portion of their party leading up to the Undr The Radr showcase with heavy hitters, Roger Sanchez, DJ Sneak & Huxley. It was a beautiful Wednesday out in the patio/garden of 1-800-Lucky in Wynwood. It was another free event with RSVP. 


Reptile Dysfunction @ Electric Pickle 

Line Up: Greg Wilson, DJ Sneak, Paul Johnson, Doorly, Heidi Lawden, Will Renault, Michael Briscoe, Justin Jay, Grant Grosky, Deron Delgado, Eric Holt, Jose Matos, Rick Trainor & Freak the Disco

Doorly's Reptile Dysfunction showcase was an utter treat on a Wednesday night. A stacked line up with amazing talents such as Butch, DJ Sneak, Heidi Lawden, Justin Jay and many others! The place was packed and pumping throughout the evening! 


Rice & Beats @ 1-800-Lucky 

Line Up: El Chino Dreadlion, Saliva Commando, Stryke, Arthur Baker, DJ Sneak, Oscar G, Kenny Dope & Lazaro Casanova

Oscar G is the Don of Miami as he brings his Friday night party, Rice & Beats to Miami Music Week with a stacked line up of House legends as well as his Latin House Beats performance with a live band! The set was killer and the vibes were groovin' throughout Wynwood! Did I mention it was a free event?!


Soul Clap Presents House of EFunk @ Electric Pickle

Line Up: Todd Terry, Skream, Soul Clap, No Regular Play, Benji B, K-Hand, Pontchartrain, Lele Sacchi, Gran Moxy & Los Negros, Will Renuart & Tomas C

Soul Clap always brings it with their House of EFunk parties at the Electric Pickle. If you didn't feeling like going to Get Lost, then head on over here at night and ride the smooth groove train into the AM! 


Do Not Sit In Wynwood Closing Party @ 1-800-Lucky

Line Up: Atish, Audiofly, Behrouz, Brian Cid, Concret, Holmar, Joeski, KMLN, Nico Stojan, SIS & Tal Ohana

Forget dealing with Space Miami's obscene at the door ticket prices ($200 this year!!) and of course the mess that the DJs are at that point when they play. This year Do Not Sit in Wynwood hosted an amazing event until 5AM and it was just $30 at the door of you were deciding for the last minute hoorah! 


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