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Watch: Holy Ghost Spotlights New York Dance Personalities In 'Crime Cutz' Short Documentary

The short film was premiered at Tribeca Film Festival earlier this month.
Holy Ghost Crime Cutz

Holy Ghost have released their short documentary / music video Crime Cutz that is based on the music for their 2016 EP Crime Cutz. The four-part series was premiered at Tribeca Film Festival this month.

The four part series takes a look at the past, present and future of dancing, examining different people and how they dance. They look at the hustle, a dance that started in the 1970s with disco that is back with a monthly party, Caramia Lior, an aspiring singer and performer, 93-year-old Stuart Hodes -- a WWII vet turned professional dancer and choreographer and NYC street performer Brad Pawly a.k.a. Super Bad Brad, who has been performing since 1986. He is also known as The Disco King and with Holy Ghost’s funky, disco it all works so well.

As Brad says, “people appreciate it when you aren’t playing it safe and just go for it.” Those are words to live by and might be something Kanye tweets tomorrow.

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The video was directed by Ben Fries and Alden Nusser.

“We all grew up together in NYC so we share many of the same cultural touchstones,” says Fries in a statement, adding, “Holy Ghost!'s music is influenced by New York’s past and our music videos have always played with the idea of merging NYC's past and present, but with Crime Cutz the film, we wanted to expand the scope. We wanted to shine a spotlight on some overlooked subjects but also really hone in on the individuals and their personalities within the scenes at large.”

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