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Weedsday Playlist: Little Face’s Katelyn Partlow Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
Little Face’s Katelyn Partlow in a Cannabis Garden

Little Face’s Katelyn Partlow in a Cannabis Garden 

Katelyn Partlow, the woman behind Little Face events, is disrupting the world of weed by putting on some of the most imaginative soirees in cannabis. Her Cannabis Cabaret and Afternoon Delight parties are full of art exhibitions, musicians, burlesque performers, comedians, and sensory experiences while the biggest brands in cannabis present their products to engaged audiences. She removes "stoner bro" culture from the cannabis scene, and has been highlighted in everything from VICELAND to Rolling Stone for her efforts.

A familiar name amongst the LA cannabis party set, Little Face has taken the show on the road, expanding to Denver and keep an eye out for a Little Face event in your city. In the meantime, spark a doob, have an edible, or saddle up to your favorite vape and enjoy Partlow’s Weedsday Playlist.

“Inner City” by So Many Wizards

When I moved to LA in 2012, I was living alone with someone else’s cat in Echo Park, and hardly new anyone living out here. My favorite way to get out and socialize was to consume an edible and check out live music. Once out at show, I ran into a patient from the collective where I was working. He introduced me to his friends who were playing that night, So Many Wizards, and after the show we all smoked out in the green room. We discovered that we were all neighbors, and became super close friends, smoking weed regularly on my porch. I'm still friends with a lot of locals that I met during this time, out at music shows. The music of So Many Wizards reminds me a lot of this time period, where I was figuring myself out in LA.

“Los Angeles” by Together Pangea

After spending a couple years in LA, working within cannabis collectives, green houses and trim departments, I started to feel more at home and comfortable with the city. Some of my favorite nights out were spent in warehouses, watching chaotic live music shows. A lot of my random nights out would turn into meeting new friends, going out to festivals in the desert. One of my favorite nights was driving out to Pomona and seeing Together Pangea for the first time. The energy lit up the room, everyone crowd surfed. I bought their album and played it all the time. I would blast, “Los Angeles,” and sing at the top of my lungs. I finally felt content living in this city.

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“Juices” by Parallel Dance Ensemble

One thing that I missed about the East coast was performing Latin dance and burlesque regularly. I left those connections and relationships behind and found it difficult to find a place to perform in LA. My friends were buzzing about a radical underground event that I eventually got to check out and be part of. Everybody is a private, body positive strip show put on by artist and event queen, Corinne Loperfido. In a warehouse of 300 people, I gave my first LA strip debut to “Juices,” a jam that I feel sexy as hell dancing to. A lot of performers usually take shots of booze to relax, but I prefer to smoke a blunt. I remember getting super high right before performing in one of the most liberating and fun shows of my life.

“If I Was You” by Catluvr

Catluvr is one of my favorite music producers and also happens to be a long time friend from Virginia. After years of convincing, he finally moved to LA to pursue music. Catluvr landed in the West Coast as Little Face was just getting started. He ran music at a lot of my early events and would share a lot of his original music. It’s special having a close friend around to share their work and include them in my adventure out here. We’ve been smoking weed together since the 10th grade.

“The Guide To Safely Petting Cougars” by King Fantastic

King Fantastic is one of my favorite SoCal acts, with bumping party beats, imaginative music videos and energetic live shows. I got to see them play at two shows in LA. Once at Cheetahs in Hollywood, complete with pole dancers performing for their entire show. Another time, at the Viper Room, the day that Killer Reese was released from prison. They normally perform loud party bangers - this song feels like the soft, sweet, but still humorous side of Killer Reese.

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