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Weedsday Playlist: Tokeativity’s Lisa Snyder Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
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Lisa Snyder

Lisa Snyder

After losing both parents to cancer in her 20s, Portland-based feminist Lisa Snyder passionately partnered her community building, feminist event planning and web skills with fellow event planner, cannabis entrepreneur and community builder, Samantha Montanaro, to create Tokeativity, a cannabis community for women. Together, they help bridge the cannabis industry with consumers to help educate and empower women, in hopes of encouraging forward movement, healing and ending the stigma around cannabis consumption.

Due to the popularity of their Portland, Oregon-based events, momentum to expand Tokeativity to other cities is underway. In the meantime, women are welcome to join Tokeativity’s digital network designed to help connect women interested in cannabis across the globe.

Excited by what Snyder’s been up to lately, MAGNETIC asked the community organizer to share her five favorite tunes that pair well with cannabis. There’s a lot of badass feminine energy in this week’s Weedsday Playlist. Enjoy!

The women of Tokeativity

The women of Tokeativity

“My Silver Lining” by First Aid Kit

I love First Aid Kit. They are this badass female duo and I'm a sucker for harmony. At 24, I left my first job as a web designer at a production company in NYC to pursue my own web design business Elle*Eye Web Design Consulting and start a feminist community. This song speaks its soft motivation through reminding you that your intuition will guide you, and that when things are hard there's a silver lining. In life and business, you have to look for that so that you don't shut down completely when challenges arise. “My Silver Lining” will sweetly kick your hard day in the ass and motivate you to keep on keepin' on.

“Wildewoman” by Lucius

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Another badass female duo wrapped up in constant blissful harmony. #Obsessed. I love the visual of this “Wildewoman.” She could be you, she could be your best friend, she could be a stranger or all of the above. The way she is described in this song is powerful and freeing. "Her hair is never quite in place, the knees in her jeans have seen better days and she's no beauty queen but you love her anyway." This woman obviously does what she wants and it's not about being a woman with sex appeal; it's about being strong and wild and that's motivating to me because that's how I want to live my life.

“Wings of Love” by Liv

Another song with harmony that makes me feel wild and free. Light as a feather, you may find yourself wanting to run naked through a field when you hear this song... and then you watch this video produced by Lykke Li and it's that exact scene played out! The lyrics, "when I die, don't you cry, I'll be flying by you I'll be riding wings of love" reminds me that we're all scared of death in some way, but from what I hear, it's the best thing that ever happened to a soul. 

When my parents died of cancer when I was in my 20s, I decided to change my relationship with them from physical to spiritual in order to continue the conversation. The way I saw it, I could either focus on their physical absence or their energetic presence. I prefer the latter. The spiritual connection I have with them now helps guide me towards the things I'm supposed to be doing in my life and the people I should be meeting as if they are still parenting me without the judgement of the human mind. I wonder sometimes if they were still here on earth if they would approve of my cannabis industry profession... I think we all know now that cannabis heals so many ailments, and perhaps if they had access to it, they might still be here today. One of the many reasons I continue to strive for cannabis normalization.

“One Evening” by Feist

I am a sucker for a chill groove that makes me sway back and forth, wishing I was in a disco wearing bell bottoms. This song makes me feel sexy and reminds me of a time in my 20s when I had nothing to lose and everywhere to be. How anything could begin and end in one evening. Personally or professionally, it reminds you that you never know what's going to happen or where it's going to happen and that just showing up can be the start to something beautiful.

“Queen of Peace” by Florence and the Machine

This video is the fifth in the album's video "story." It starts with seeing men fighting in a circle, a physical example of toxic masculinity that is eating our world alive. The woman (Florence) tries to comfort them, to which she is invisible, as they too consumed with the fight. The world is crying out for balance and this "queen of peace" is trying to heal this fight as well as everyone around her. Reminds me of myself, the work we are doing with Tokeativity, and the struggle that women constantly face; trying to balance everything out in their lives, striving to be heard, seen and yearning for equality in a constantly unequal playing field. The beat is powerful and I often find myself blasting this driving down the highway late at night. This song (and video) makes me feel like I could march into a epic medieval sword battle with my feminine energy and win by standing in the middle of it all and demanding peace.

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