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The 15 Best Hip-Hop Tracks of April 2018

Hip-Hop's finest tracks from the month of April with tunes by J. Cole, Kid Cudi, Jazz Cartier and more.
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As hip-hop continues to take control of the pop music landscape, the amount of new music for the genre has just exploded with all kinds of stuff hitting the internet at an absolutely crazy pace. No matter what you are looking for, be it Soundcloud rap, your standard mainstream hip-hop or something that is a bit more alternative, there is just an abundance of jams to chose from. Hopefully my selections from April will be enough to catch you up as far as what you may have missed and if you think I have just completely missed the mark by leaving out something special, feel free to leave a comment or blow up my inbox with your requests (if you send your own music, and it sucks, expect to be blocked and called out on social media!)

And now for the music! (In no particular order)

1. Kid Cudi - The Rage

The Lonely stoner is back with new music for the mega blockbuster film "Rampage" featuring The Rock. Normally I'm not the biggest fan of rappers just jacking a huge well known sample and using it to carry their own song but in this case it actually works pretty well. Maybe I'm just missing the Smashing pumpkins a bit but either way this new song should keep Cudder fans satisfied until the Kanye produced tracks start to leak!

2. Saba feat. feat. Chance the Rapper - LOGOUT

It's so easy to get stuck listening to a lot of hip-hop that all sounds exactly the same. This is one problem you wont have when listening to Saba. His unique voice and style keep his music fresh and it also never hurts to have a mega star like Chance jump on your song. Saba keeps it short and sweet with "LOGOUT" (only 2 and a half minutes) but it's just enough to get you diving into his entire catalog. 

3. Royce Da 5'9" (feat. Ashley Sorrell) - Stay Woke

Royce Da 5'9" is known to be one of the finest lyrical masters in all of hip-hop and he holds nothing back on his latest offering "Stay Woke" featuring the lovely vocals of Ashley Sorrell on the hook. This honestly is one of the best Royce tracks I have heard in a while. It can be hard to really vibe with his music at times because its can be very wordy. However, if this song doesn't make you feel something then you might have something wrong with you. The beat is hard and cold and the lyrical content is just flawless. Well done Royce!

4. Alchemist feat Action Bronson - The Hopeless Romantic 

These two go together like a burger and fries! Not only have we seen this duo travel the world eating all kinds of tasty stuff (well Action eats & Alchemist just smokes a lot of cigs..) on the Viceland show "FUCK That's Delicious", but the pair has been recording music and touring for some time now. On their latest collaboration you get more of what we have come to expect from The Alchemist. He comes up with a dirty vintage sounding hip-hop vibing beat that any classic NY rapper could run right over. Action is once again the perfect fit for Alchemist here and the rest is history.

5. Rockie Fresh - CBS

Where in the hell has Rockie Fresh been? After just a hand full of random releases in 2017 it appears that Rockie is back and he appears to be "Stunting" as he makes his return to the game (CBS stands for "Came Back Stunting" just incase you didn't get it). While you won't hear anything insane on this one, Rockie still has a flow that is super easy to flow with and "CBS" is perfect if you are looking for something to ride around town to. 

6. Denzel Curry - Sumo

I personally fuck with Denzel Curry quite hard. Nobody is really rocking the alternative hip-hop style quite like DC. The first time I saw this guy live I knew he was going to just slaughter the rap game. If you ever want to see fans go absolutely ape shit at a show then you need to catch one of his sets pronto. "Sumo" is yet another super dope track from Curry, capturing his loud and high octane style with every line he drops. 

7. Jazz Cartier - Right Now

This may not be the most revolutionary track from Jazz Cartier but that isn't really what hip-hop is all about. "Right Now" is the kind of song that could easily turn up an entire party if played at the right time. The beat is cold and has kind of a vintage synth feel. The whole track really is a vibe and it more than deserves it's place on the chart this month. 

8. Drake - Nice For What

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We all know that Drake can't really go too long with out blessing his fans with another banger for the club. This beat is really nothing with out the obvious mega sample but you still can't hate on Drake for being Drake. I would expect to hear this track for a hot minute while we wait for Scorpion to drop. 

9. Yung Pinch feat. G-Eazy - Why Would I Wait

Remember when I first told you guys about Yung Pinch like two and a half years ago? I bet you didn't think he would ever be on a track with G-EAZY in 2018 did you? Beyond that the "Beach Boy" that young fans have grown to love just started touring Europe with the bay area stand out and it looks like Pinch won't be slowing down any time soon. If you haven't already heard his other big track "Smoke & Drive" featuring a familiar Weezer sample in the beat then you need to wake up and get on it. 

10. Sango - Kanye West - Lift Me Uptown (Sango Bounced it)

Now everybody knows that when Kanye West drops a new track that within hours you can expect to find a bunch of horrible remixes and edits from producers and rappers chasing  Yeezy's clout. With Ye dropping two new (and sort of weird) tracks last week, this was bound to be the case again (and it was). However, Sango actually improved on "Lift Me Up" which we all believe was Kanye's attempt to troll the world. Now we have a beat that we can actually do something with and Sango once again proves he is a genius when it comes to producing music that will make you move. I can't wait to hear this in the club.

11. Post Malone - Sugar Wraith 

Not much has to be said about Post Malone right now. The dude is on fire and it looks like he will have the most streamed album that Spotify has ever seen. While his songs aren't always the smartest, his music is infectious. Even though that little vibrato effect he does with his vocals is really fucking annoying (it was cool once but come on!) I still can't really hate and I have to give this guy the credit he deserves.

12. Lykke Li - Deep End

It's great to see Lykke Li back with new music. While I always thought she had a bit more of a pop vibe, her new song "Deep End" really feels like a hip-hop / R&B track and thats why I'm giving her some shine on the chart this month. Along with this song she also released another new track "Hard Rain" which is also quite good. 

13. J. Cole - Motiv8

J. Cole's latest album KOD is yet another masterpiece. It's clear now that while J. Cole may not be the "hardest" rapper in the game, you would be a fool to doubt what this guy can do with his music. Not only does his intelligence and confidence shine on every single song he puts out, but he's also one of the best producers making music right now. "Motiv8" is just one of the dope offerings from J. on his new project and to be honest, you should just put KOD on repeat now. 

14. Smokepurpp & Murda Beatz ft. A$AP Ferg - Pray

This is party music brought to you by two of the guys leading the charge when it comes to this style of rap. When you combine Smokepurpp and Murda Beatz together on a tape (Check out "Bless Your Trap" if you haven't already) you get a whole bunch of songs like this where all you have to do is turn your brain off and and you are good to go. Throw in a feature from A$AP Ferg and you get a song that the kids just can't deny which is exactly why it made the chart this month. 

15. Flatbush Zombies Feat. Joey Bada$$ - Vacation

I don't think you can call yourself a real Flatbush Zombie fan until you have been hit with  an elbow to the face in the mosh pit at one of their shows. However, that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy their music. "Vacation" featuring Joey Badass is one of the stand out tracks from their latest album Vacation In Hell, which came out at the beginning of April. This group of alternative MCs have always done things their own way and you have to respect the name they have made for themselves over the last few years.  

PLAYLIST: The 15 Best Hip Hop Tracks of April 2018

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