Behringer, a German audio gear manufacturer, unveiled a prototype of its forthcoming RD-808 at Sonic State. The drum synth is a clone of the classic and highly successful TR-808.

The most significant attributes include the 11 independent analog outputs, the option to sync MIDI data via USB, and a bus compressor that can be added to the master channel or individual outputs. Additionally, the 11 analog outputs provide music creators with the functionality to record multi-track audio. 

In addition to the RD-808, Behringer will be cloning the ARP 2600, Oberheimer OB-Xa, and the VP-330 Vocoder Plus from Roland. Last month, the German company announced an array of Eurorack modules that don't cost a fortune. 

Pete Sadler, a Behringer engineer, states that it's "a month to two months away from mass production at this point." 

H/T: Resident Advisor


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