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Cannabis Industry Spotlight: Fore Twenty Sports’ Stephen Gold

“I think what’s great about the industry in Oregon is just how connected a lot of companies are to one another.”
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Fore Twenty Sports co-owner Stephen Gold with Green Light Law Group’s Perry Perry N. Salzhauer

Fore Twenty Sports co-owner Stephen Gold with Green Light Law Group’s Perry Perry N. Salzhauer at last year’s Fore Twenty Golf Tournament

Fore Twenty Sports (FTS) is a cannabis events organization that combines sporting events, cannabis and networking to bring the industry closer together. By creating memorable moments for cannabis business professionals through their annual bowling and golf tournaments, Fore Twenty is providing an alternative to trade-show with the goal of making lasting business relationships for retailers, producers, processors, and ancillary brands.

Magnetic sat down with FTS co-owner Stephen Gold to learn more about one of the most exciting events in the industry this summer.

When did you get involved in the cannabis industry?

Our team came together four years ago, but individually we have over six years of experience in the cannabis industry in the United States.

What experiences are you bringing to Fore Twenty Sports?

We have a tremendous amount of experience marketing and advertising in the cannabis space. We have helped numerous dispensaries, producers, processors, wholesalers, and ancillary businesses create their brands and have helped push that message to consumers and other business owners. Over the last three years, we have built a reliable online platform The Daily Leaf, which has helped consumers learn and purchase in a more comprehensive and streamlined way.

How is Fore Twenty Sports changing the networking game?

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Fore Twenty Sports is creating an atmosphere that is welcoming for canna-business professionals to let their guard down and have a fun, memorable moment. While trade shows are great, it’s difficult to spark a real connection. Our events have helped create lasting relationships in the cannabis industry, and we’re striving to offer more value as the years go on.

What's your favorite thing about the Oregon cannabis industry? The global cannabis industry?

I think what’s great about the industry in Oregon is just how connected a lot of companies are to one another. While it is “the Wild West” and there is a lot of disorganization and ineptitude on the part of some business owners, there are still a lot of great people working together, collaborating, and building amazing companies.

The Fore Twenty Golf Tournament & CannaBowl are great concepts for B2B events. Do you have plans to create events for the general population, too?

Yes, we would love to be able to create events for the general population as well. We have several new concepts in mind and we’re already brainstorming for 2019.

Your Fore Twenty Golf Tournament is coming up. What’s especially exciting about this summer’s event?

This is our 4th Annual Fore Twenty Golf Tournament. It’s been a wild ride throughout the past four years in the Oregon cannabis industry. We are excited for the summer to get here and for everyone to get together for a memorable day. What we like most about our events is just how happy everyone is who attends. No matter what might be going on in the industry (because there’s always some wild stuff going down), everyone pauses for a few hours, enjoys the sun, and helps create a positive reinforcement to help break down the stigma around the plant. We always have a charitable component to our events, and last year we raised money for Freedom Grow, a non-profit working to make a difference in the lives of non-violent people imprisoned for cannabis-related crimes. Stay tuned to find out who we will be donating money to this year.

What is Fore Twenty Sports’ goal for 2018?

Our goal is to continue telling the story of the industry and connecting people with one another. We wouldn’t be here without the countless people investing their time, energy, skill, knowledge, money, and freedom to make this cannabis industry legal across the nation. 

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