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Check Out The Boosted Board 2.0, An Insanely Fast Ride Perfect For Your Commute

Easy to stow, insanely fast, super portable and a lot of fun to ride - this is the Ferrari of electric skateboards!

Meet the Boosted Board 2.0, one of the staples of the Boosted lineup which has increased their offering quite a bit recently with the addition of some new longboard models and the Boosted Mini offering -- check the boosted site for all the updated models.

The original Boosted board hit the market roughly six years ago and has been one of the leaders in the electric skateboard movement ever since. We got the chance to test the board a short while back and here is our full review above.

Something to note since the review, the Boosted Board has had a nice price drop for the base model and now can be purchased for $1039 and not $1500 like stated in the video. 

Whether you are using the board to commute or just looking to rip up the streets, this thing is a A LOT of fun. 

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