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Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' Video Is Worth The Hype

The video came after Donald Glover hosted SNL and performed on it over the weekend.

Donald Glover had himself a weekend, hosting SNL and guesting himself as the musical performer. He also premiered a new song “This Is America” as Childish Gambino and then subsequently dropped the music video, which has been all the rage and worth the hype.

The video taps into themes of police brutality, racism in the United States and more with powerful imagery and some more subtle things as well.

The video starts out with Gambino entering a large empty warehouse space, dancing and contorting his body to the beat, but things get violent quickly. Wearing pants that are similar to Confederate Army pants, he executes a black man. The police are not seen as friends, notably as death rides in on a horse with the police (symbolizing hell), right behind.

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He shoots up his black church choir, echoing the Charleston shooting. He references a lot of the popular dance moves and memes of today that help serve as a distraction for what is really going on behind him. SZA makes an appearance in the video and the end tells everything you need to know about his messaging. 

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