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We always love attending anything happening at the Parker Palm Springs because of its vintage charm and snaking walkways through gardens of green towards hidden pools across the palatial resort. This time we were happy to return as guests of American Express for the party around Coachella, and after checking in with the Platinum podium, we were instructed to follow the crystals to the entrance of the Platinum House.

American Express Platinum House

let the crystals guide you to a entertainment filled oasis.

With a flash of a wristband we entered through the patterned and mirrored walkway and were greeted by a large collection of Snarckitecture artistic tents from Daniel Arsham’s design firm that were both functional and visually awe inspiring. 

Credit: Getty for American Express

welcome to the Platinum House

Nestled inside the futuristic cocoon type areas of the tall white structures, were lounges to take a load off and hide from the beaming sun rays. Saks Fifth Avenue tattoo stations were on site where guests could get temporary face tats along with their choice of holographic shimmers or highlights thanks to Milk Cosmetics

Saks Fifth Avenue Tatts & Milk Cosmetics

get your tatt on with Saks Fifth Avenue temporary tattoos

As we ventured further into the Platinum House, we entered the performance and fitness area through a gateway of cascading fountains. 

photo by Rich Kim

Cascading waterfalls for the Platinum oasis.

In front of us was a giant stage shimmering in silver, while to our left was the SoulCycle Soul Annex tent where Platinum members were able to purchase classes from the top founding SoulCycle instructors.  

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SoulCycle Soul Annex Platinum Soul tent

the Platinum Soul Annex for fitness of mind body and Soul.

Also sprinkled around the open field were bars serving the specially crafted cocktail "Platinum Heat" and a selection of beers to help guests beat the heat.

photos courtesy of Getty for American Express

quench your desert thirst with Platinum Heat

Food is always important when you're on a weekend drowned in alcohol (laws of Fauxchella) and the Platinum House did not disappoint with fruit kebobs, ahi tuna bites, veggie spring rolls, pulled pork and coleslaw sliders and a non-stop flow of chicken and beef tacos from a mobile taco kiosk.

photos courtesy of Getty for American Express

bon appetit for Platinum card holders...

Audible delights from DJ's Hapa, Hannah Bronfman and Pocket  kept the crowd grooving, and if that wasn't enough, guests were treated to platinum performances by recording artists Julia Michaels, Justine Skye, Duckwrth, Marc E. Bassy, Towkio and Kiana Ledé, which made this feel like its own mini-members-only music festival.

With so many events to attend, our departure was bitter sweet, but a touch sweeter as we were gifted with an iridescent holographic fanny pack by Knowlita with the words “This is just fantasy,” which we have to agree with 100%.

holographic fanny packs with mini fans inside?!? this IS just fantasy!!!

holographic fanny packs with mini fans inside?!? this IS just fantasy!!!

Many thanks to the card that rewards its members with so many fantastic perks in the middle of the desert.

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