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Electronic Producer, Film Mashup Artist Pogo Outed As a Homophobic Bigot

He previously made misogynist comments, but now is stepping up to the plate as someone who hates gays as well.


The name may be familiar to some. Some may remember the mashups a few years ago where he spliced together footage from Disney movies and made Pogo, real name Nick Bertke, a viral sensation. He landed official deals with movie studios to get better access and work on their films. However, there was a dark side, as is disturbingly common, among YouTube stars. He is a bigot. In a video that has surfaced, he makes some pretty horrific comments about gay people. Pogo says he is just making a "joke,” but no one is laughing.

You can watch the video below (via YourEDM) where he calls gays an “abomination” and makes a celebratory fist pump when talking about the Orlando Pulse Club massacre. He makes the video because his YouTube channel was called “fagottron" (it still links to his page), which he reasons, “I’ve always had a very thorough dislike of homosexuals. I’ve never liked grown men acting like a 12-year-old girl.”

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He tries to explain the video away on his Facebook with the below comment that just doesn’t fly.

“Except I’m talking straight out of my ass. I made this during the Trump election to impersonate the radical right and start a fire. It’s the same time I made music videos of me staring into the camera doing nothing pretending to be terrified. It’s the Andy Kaufman in me. I enjoy perplexing people. Fagotron really was just a way of saying Prickotron or Dickotron where I grew up. Some of my best friends and supporters are gay and it's nothing I even think about.”

Hey Pogo. You are a fucking shit comedian. If you are in the “stop being so offended” category, remember that the music he uses was built on the work of gay people in the 1970s and 1980s and continues to be today.

This isn’t the all of what he believes. He has called feminism a “tantrum.” This has been well documented here. Will he go for the trifecta and be a racist as well? No one would be surprised.

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