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Enrico Sangiuliano Announces Album 'Biomorph' [Drumcode]

The techno superstar is going intergalactic

Drumcode staple Enrico Sangiuliano has just announced his first artist album on the label. The concept album has been divided into 4 separate parts, designed to be listened to in a specific order. The first of the the 4 parts, Organisms opens with atmospheric tones, gradually blending complex textures and timbres to begin the evolutional process. The beginning of this section combines full sounding arrangements before stripping it all back to basics. From here it dissolves into the atmosphere. Organisms then progresses into a break-beat influenced, down tempo track using synths to add complexity to the straight, broken rhythms.

Galactic, futuristic elements are found in both tracks in Cosmic Forces. Upbeat, groovy, electronic synths resonate, before ‘Hidden T’ brings the tension to get things pumped up with stratospheric swirls and twirls to lay down one of the most mind meltingly deep drops.

Metamorphosis is mysterious, its opening beat is a deep and piercing tone that sends the listener into a sensory awareness of their surroundings before breaking into a fully charged, techno track, with Enrico’s trademark sounds and textures.

All evolution has an ending.

Two Probabilities shows the positive, starting out evocative and emotional, with a gentle harmony, gazing towards a ‘New Dawn’. On the other side of the spectrum lies the negative. This is influenced with a rhythm that articulates the beat of death, mathematical, cold and metallic in texture, it shows the unsustainability of its nature, with a hectic, anxious break beat influenced ending.

Check out Symbiosis below:

Preorder 'Biomorph' by Enrico Sangiuliano here.

Track List:

A1 – Organisms

00:00 – Functional Basic Unit Of Life

01:40 – Multicellular

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08:52 – Generative Model

A2 – Cosmic Forces

00:00 – Cosmic Ratio

06:06 – Hidden T

B1 – Metamorphosis

00:00 – Arboreal

04:16 – Symbiosis

B2 – Two Probabilities

00:00 – New Dawn (Probability I)

08:27 – End Of Life (EOL) (Probability II)

Get a first peak at the album with 'Symbiosis', below. 

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