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Exclusive: French Producer Katuchat Shares 30-Minute Ambient, Experimental Electronic Mix

There are songs by Lapalux, James Blake, Burial and others on there.


French producer Katuchat released a new EP Anaesthesia via Parisian label Roche Musique earlier at the end of April. It dives into the more experimental and ambient side of electronic music that works well with a longer project. With that in mind, we asked him to come up with a mix that fits the EP narrative and he delivered, putting together tracks from Burial, James Blake, Lapalux, himself and others in the mix.

He goes back a ways with some of his selections, not just picking the hottest songs of today. Shlohmo’s remix of Jed & Lucia “April Shower” makes an appearance, in addition to Lux Natura “Bamboo” and Burial “Etched Headplate” from his seminal 2007 album Untrue.

Stream the full mix below and pick up a copy of the EP here.


Lapalux - Hours of intro

Jed & Lucia - April Shower (Shlohmo Remix)

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