It's no secret that trance music was a big part of many DJs lives at some point. Some, perhaps, more than others, but you'd be hard pressed to find one of your favorite artists who doesn't have a classic trance tune they love. And, at one point, trance music was extremely similar to modern-day big room techno. Tough basslines, and tight percussion, with soaring leads of course. Sound familiar? Many artists today have started incorporating that sound into their productions once more. 

One such artist, the Italian Frankyeffe, has no shame in admitting he still loves trance music. So much so, that his latest EP on Alan Fitzpatrick's We Are The Brave, is full of that classic 90s trance sound. We hit up Franky to get an inside look at why he was full on with the latest release. Check the interview below, and also check out his top 5 favorite trance records of all time.


Trance was a massive moment in many artists early lives. What did it mean to you? Was there a defining club moment for involving trance?

For me personally, it has enormous significance. Trance has always thrilled and excited me. I have a lot of vinyl trance at home and when I have free time I always get them out. Trance is a part of me and my teenage years, so it brings back many amazing memories too.

Hmm as for a defining club moment, maybe not quite, but in Italy, Trance was never really that appreciated I feel, perhaps because it is little known in comparison to what else was being played and available. I think now, it’s coming back and its getting a lot of love in everyone’s hearts who remember it from back in the day. It’s about time it has a mega resurgence!

What drew you away from the genre and into techno? How was the transition to techno in terms of production and studio flow? Are there any production techniques you have still carried with you since then?

I guess I never really moved away from trance, but perhaps in some productions I only strayed away because I wanted to experiment with other things, which is also important for my growth as a producer. But I knew always down the line, somehow, I would be able to incorporate it in my releases.

There was a time when I was actually not really in the trance scene because listening to some of the newer stuff reminded me too much of the commercial EDM trend which blew up, and so I decided to make the change for a while and focus on techno.

I fell in love with techno straight away, but still the way I produced my tracks were always in a ‘progressive trance’ style, so yes, you can really hear how it has influenced my sound even today and with this latest EP on We Are The Brave. I do not feel that my technique has changed. I still go into the studio and let my ideas flow, whether a techno or trance track comes out – who knows. Mixing has always been very important to me. It is there that I decided to develop my own method.

Why did you feel it was important to return to your trance roots with this new EP? Is this a trend we can expect to continue with your future releases?

I think it’s important for all artists to go back to their roots, so to speak. At the end of the day, what you experienced and did in your early or teenage years as a producer and when you were first getting into music, is what shapes the music you make and how it’s different from everything else out there. I took all my passion for trance and blended that into techno. I have matured a lot artistically and now I can look into experimenting with things I couldn't do in the past. During my DJ sets I tested out a lot of my recent melodic productions and I noticed they were really appreciated on the dancefloor, so going forward, you might hear a lot more emotion and harmonic vibes to the tracks I release, but there is always room for techno.

Pre-order the new EP here.

Franky’s Top 5 Trance Tracks

Gouryella - Gouryella [Tsunami]

Mauro Picotto - Like This Like That [Bxr]

Nu Nrg - Dreamland [Vandit]

System F - Out Of The Blue [Tsunami]

Moogway - Viola (Armin Van Buuren Remix) [Platipus]

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