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How to Build Your Guitar-Ready Road Rig

Learn what to take into consideration when traveling with your guitar.
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Taking your equipment on the road can be quite challenging. Normally we focus on your DJ equipment, but for those of you in a band or wishing to bring live aspects into your show, a guitar is another challenge. Reverb came up with guide to building a rig for your guitar and the necessary equipment needed alongside to protect and travel with it.

The first thing to tackle is what type of guitar do you bring? Are you going to take your fancy, expensive guitar if it might get damaged or stolen? Maybe not, but you don’t want to play a cheap instrument that sounds bad. Reverb recommends a guitar around $250 with options by Squiers, Epiphones, and Ibanez. It is worth it to buy a bag that has plenty of hard padding and stiffness so your gear does not get beat up.

There are some other hard decisions to make. If you are someone who likes to use a lot of extra equipment like pedals, you will likely need to find smaller versions or distill them down to the most useful. Taking every pedal will be tough on your body from one gig to the next and make your luggage expensive and large. Also for practicing, you can either use a tiny amp or something that connects to your smartphone that provides some amplification, but not too much that it will blast away your neighbors.

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