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Image-Line's FL Studio has been one of the go-to digital audio workstations since its inception. Its intuitive user interface, simplicity, and renowned step sequencer, and lifetime free updates make it a very attractive workstation. The Belgium made digital audio workstation sees its 20th anniversary in business and native Mac support after years of beta testing. 

Now having support for both Mac and PC, FL Studio becomes even more versatile. The expansion into Mac allows for music creators to effortlessly migrate projects between PC and Mac. FL Studio owners will only need one license. 

Additionally, new features have been added. A few of them include time signature support, allowing for users to adjust the number of measures in a bar, clip consolidation, playlist arrangements, a rebuilt, state-of-the-art plugin delay compensation, and many more. You can see the full list of new features here

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Without a doubt, this is one of the largest, most anticipated FL Studio updates. 

H/T: DJ Mag 

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