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In Conversation: Blush Response [Sonic Groove]

We spoke with the industrial techno master about all things modular, video games, and abusing your freedom.
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Welcome to In Conversation, the podcast dedicated to giving you an unparalleled look into electronic music's greatest minds, both in the studio and beyond. We deconstruct their daily routines, fears, and quirks, showing you what makes them tick, and what exactly makes them so successful. From artists to managers, agents and promoters, these are the people who make it happen, pushing our community forward.


When you think of techno, your interpretation could range anywhere from the Resistance stage at Ultra, to the ”adult techno” of Kompakt, to weekend marathons in places like Berghain. For Joey Blush, aka Blush Response, his vision of techno is one of mangled industrial sounds, modular synths, and dystopian soundscapes. In this episode, we dive deep into how the Cuban American transitioned from band member, to rising techno talent, and even a preview of his upcoming EP. 

As an added bonus, check out his new track here:

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