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Experimental pop duo Kodacrome just released their third studio album Think Of The Children on their own Brooklyn-based label Foil Records. Comprised of Brooklyn-based Ryan Casey and San Francisco based Elissa LeCoque, the duo works together from opposite sides of the country to produce a unique analog based sound, which seems to be somewhat reminiscent of acts such as Portishead and Blonde Redhead. The duo has become best known for their ability to seamlessly blend pop music with a warm electronic pulse. The highlight of Think Of The Children is definitely Elissa’s memorable and distinctly resonant voice, which combine perfectly with the atmospheric, piano-driven melodies.

The concept for Think Of The Children came after the duo hit a roadblock during the writing process in 2016. Elissa and Ryan then decided to shift gears, and focus their attention designing an elaborate hand-built marionette video for one of the in-progress tracks titled “Oh, You Two.” The video features countless 1⁄8 scale set pieces and involved nearly a year of pre-production. In addition to reconnecting the pair with their creative whims, this project inadvertently informed the tone of the record. The video for “Oh, You Two” premiered in early 2017. Kodacrome then spent the remainder of last year writing, engineering and mixing the record in their Brooklyn studio. Think Of The Children is a must listen for synth-pop and indie experimental fans. 

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