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Listen: Orbital's Paul Hartnoll Created A Song Using Biker's Heartbeats

This song was done combining data from over 20,000 biker commuting journeys.
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Orbital Breaks Up; Paul Hartnoll, aka 8:58, To Release Solo Album

Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll has released a new song titled “Heartwork” that uses the data of biker’s heartbeats who commute to work. These are not motorcycle bikers, but actual cyclists in the UK.

He used over 20,000 different trips to help inform the song and its speed and sound, which eventually does coming in at 128 bpm (makes sense for your heartbeat) for the average pace for a commuting cyclist. He even used sounds from his own cycling to give the song a more mechanical and technical feel.

"The first inspiration from the data I took is that the average commuting heart rate seems to be around the tempo of techno or fast house music – around 128bpm, which gave me a good feel for how to approach the production,” Hartnoll says. “I was also inspired to make the majority of the music and the rhythm out of actual bike sounds, sampling my own bike by playing it with bits of metal and bike pumps. Whether as a listener you notice that the song is made up of bike sounds or not, it’s there in the DNA of the track”.

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The song was done with Evans Cycles, which is using this as part of a campaign to try and get more people to support the British heart Foundation and end heart disease through exercise such as biking.

Check out how it was made and listen to the song here.

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