Luciano Opens Up About Substance Abuse & Rehab: "I Consider Myself Lucky And Almost A Living Miracle"

Luciano says he was inspired to tell his story because of what happened to Avicii.
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Luciano has opened about his substance abuse and rehab for the first time ever in a long post his personal Facebook page. According to the Chilean-Swiss DJ and producer, he went to a rehab facility in Thailand last year and was able to quit various substances like alcohol and other drugs that had plagued him for the past 22 years. On May 4 he celebrated his “rebirth” as a person.

Spotted by Mixmag, the post goes into detail about the battle he faced.

“I kept this in my secret box for almost 22 years with lots of shame and it is still today one of the hardest battle, but I have chosen to speak about it,” he says, continuing, “almost a miraculous case sharing an experience of life, and making sure I can help as much as I can.”

He goes on to thank his family and the people around in him Thailand who gave him the support and conviction to quit drugs and alcohol to “come back like a phoenix from the ashes” and “helped discover who I am and brought peace inside of me.”

He notes that he was inspired to tell his story because of Avicii and how close he felt to doing what happened to Avicii.

"There is such an enormous sadness to see the story of Tim, Avicii a young hard-working person and talented in his genre of music dying from pushing it over the limit. I wanted to make a point about it because somehow so many times I felt so close to what happened to Tim, that loneliness, isolation and specially the feeling of not being understood was generating high level of anxiety, depression and driving me confused cause nobody ever spoke about the illness that touring and pushing generates,” he says in his post. “And the only way to survive to those extremes demanding lifestyle is self medication. So like lots of other artist I found a cure to an unexplainable disease through any type of drugs medicine and alcohol.......”

He also reveals his heart almost stopped last year and how he struggled to fight the battle between the pressure of delivering every party and the rigors of constant touring.

“The cocktail of extreme demand, attention, loneliness passing from being with 1000 of people to lonely hotel room with a factor of time, proportions of absolute madness and repetitions away from the family, from the people to love, lack of sleep, weather change, time zone, anxiety, food and hyperactivity ... it's almost logical that it leads to major crashes.”

"Nightlife is like a high cliff that more you flirt with; it pushes you to jump as high as you can. I was lucky enough to survive, exactly one year ago, I was pulled out of an aircraft with my heart that was about to stop, with doctors giving me a warn saying that if I wouldn’t stop immediately then death was my next chapter, I was so ashamed of myself, felt like the worse human on the planet, fucking up the perfect life."

Read the full post here and he says he is healthy now and hope he stays that way. We also hope this can inspire more artists make healthier decisions when it comes to their own careers or share their own stories. 

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