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Today, Moog has announced a new addition to its synth lineup, one they are calling the Grandmother. It fits in line with their "Mother" line of synths, such as the Mother-32 and DFAM synths, but unlike the other two, it comes with a keyboard. The Grandmother is based on Bob Moog's vintage modular synths, and sports a very retro feel. 


What separates this Moog from the rest, is that it has not just the classic Moog filter, but also an onboard spring reverb, and easy to use arpeggiator. What's more, is that it has an "external audio input", which allows one to plug mics, guitars, drum machines, or other synths to make use of all the effects. Check out the Grandmother in action below.


• Hardware Spring Reverb can be used to process external sounds

• ¼” External audio input for guitars, drum machines, and more.

• Semi-modular - no patching is required

• Easy to use Arpeggiator and Sequencer 

• Store up to 3 sequences with up to 256 notes each

• 2 Analog Oscillators with selectable waveshape and hard sync

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• Classic 4-Pole 10Hz-20kHz Ladder filter 

• Patchable 1-Pole High Pass filter

• Analog ADSR Envelope Generator

• Analog LFO with audio-rate capabilities

• 32-note Fatar keyboard with velocity 

• All normalized connections can be interrupted for full modularity

• DIN MIDI In/Out/Thru and USB MIDI

• Patchable bipolar attenuator

• Works with Mother-32, DFAM, Eurorack modular systems and more

• 41 patch points with 21 inputs, 16 outputs and a Parallel-Wired 4-jack Mult


$899 USD / $999 MSRP

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