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Demuir is a strong reference for techno, tech house, and house music in his home town of Toronto. The man was named best jackin' house artist two years in a row by Traxsource. His unique skills behind the studio desk and DJ decks have taken him on multiple tours in the USA, Europe, and he'll  be seen in South America soon. We sat down with him to talk about his love for Detroit, the upcoming releases on his own imprint Purveyor Underground and how millennials are shifting from EDM to underground music. Carlo Lio & Nathan Barrato if you’re reading this, Demuir is ready to deliver some dope tunes for you on your Rawthentic Music imprint!

He will be shaking the walls this Sunday at Motor City Wine in Detroit, so Movement fans, mark that one on your calendars!

You’ve collaborated with DJ Sneak, Cassy, Mark Farina and more…Is there any other artist you would love to work with?

Most definitely! I would love to do something with Mr. G, Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato, and Kevin Knapp if the opportunity ever presents itself. I love the range of these artists and their contributions to our music.

You’ll be playing in Detroit this Sunday for the DayLife showcase. Can you describe what’s a gig in Detroit like? You have a recent track featuring lyrics about Detroit too…

Yes! I'm looking forward to that gig with Chez Damier along with Iz & Diz. It's gonna be nuts to play with these guys and they've made some of the dopest records for our culture. Playing in Detroit is an organic experience where you see generations and a diverse audience that comes from all over the world to bring positive vibes in the techno spirit. You get everything from traditional Detroit techno, dirty tech, tech house, and hip hop along with so much more. Detroit is home to my favorite hip hop producer J Dilla (RIP) and those vibes are just ever present with a sense of resurgence in the community as well.

The song with the mention of Detroit, is from my recent Raw Beatz EP on Carlo Lio and Nathan Barato's Rawthentic label. The track is called, "Raw Beatz U Ain't Ready", where he says, "...your Daddy is in Detroit." in the breakdown. This was very much intentional as a nod and respect to Detroit techno and it's influence on my approach in making techno and tech house.

Day Life


Toronto is your hometown. How is the scene like over there? Compared to Detroit for instance…

The scene here is great and it continues to evolve. I recently played at the Electric Island festival, which the club owners of Coda are very much involved with and have helped with other promoters like Fresh, Embrace, Platform, and others maintain a sustainable scene in Toronto. Other venues like One Loft and Nest have hosted the likes of DJ Heather, Sneak, D-Unity, and show love to hometown guys like myself and Nick Holder from time to time.

Demuir name is associated with tech-house and also house music, your music touches different genres. Is there a genre you target when making tracks or you just go with the flow from your own inspiration?

Great question! I just want to make great music for people to enjoy and never limit myself to what others expect from me. Artists, regardless of the medium they work in, tend to have many interests that inspire one another. So that being said, I just go with where the inspiration takes me.

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Congrats on winning Jackin House Producer of the year with Traxsoure 2 years in a row. Do you think Traxsource has had a substantial impact on your career and why?

The short answer here, is "Yes." Regardless of the award, Traxsource has made a profound impact on the industry and supporting underground music for many years - thus impacting my career in the process. I first met Brian (one of the owners of Traxsource) at an industry party back in 2012 when I just decided to get back into music and he encouraged me to just keep doing what I do. Truly grateful for the support.

-Any cool upcoming releases you would like to mention?

Yes. I have a number of great collab based projects coming to my label Purveyor Underground featuring cuts with DJ Sneak, Mark Farina, KE, and Tommy Largo along with great projects from Harvard Bass, Mirelle Noveron, and Kenny Dope on remix duties later in the year. I'm also excited about my techno project coming to Music For Freaks shortly as well.

I believe you have an upcoming remix on Italian label go Deeva records. Can you tell us more?

I do! It was a pleasure to remix Wolf Story's, "In The House." I went with a swingin' tech house vibe on this one and found a nice creative way to flip the original bassline. It all worked out nicely and I'm looking forward to playing it out!

Do you have any particular goal for 2018?

Mainly to continue expanding into tech based genres and gigging more in Europe in addition to the North and South America, which is shaping up well.

Is there anything that we missed you would like to share with your fans?

Nothing missed, but I would like to extend my love out to those who appreciate and continue to support our music and myself. I feel a beautiful shift happening as millennials continue to move away from EDM and discover much more robust and authentic underground music.

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