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Exclusive Mix: Noncompliant Gets Ready For Movement With "Face-Melting Techno"

Get your mind, body and soul ready for Movement with this hour of techno from Noncompliant.


Memorial Day Weekend in the US means the official start of festival season with events like Lightning In A Bottle and Movement taking place. It also means you can show up to the function looking like Pitbull with those white pants on. However if you are all techno, it will be black clothes all summer and Noncompliant has the mix for you. She is prepping for Movement and the Tresor afterparty she is playing and we asked her to give us a mix for the occasion. She delivered and then some with this mix that she describes as “face-melting techno that doesn't forget the funk."

The mix doesn’t just skirt across the top 40 of the charts, but gives you some big records deeper in the collection.

Noncompliant will be playing the Tresor.313 afterparty on Saturday, May 26 with the likes of Adam X, Anthony “Shake” Shakir, Claude Young and others.

She had the following to say about the party:

“I am so excited and so humbled to be a part of such a fantastic event with a lineup also including Claude Young, Anthony "Shake" Shakir, Adam X, Silent Servant, Dasha Rush, Dan Bell, Justin Long, and a bunch more. It's going to be a hell of a party and a wild weekend and I look forward to the utter mess of techno and sleep deprivation that the weekend always provides!"

Listen to the mix below and follow along with the tracklist as you go.

01. R.A.S.P. - Fortified [Blueprint]

02. XAB - Bokeh [Trapez]

03. Nikola Gala - Sandworm B [On Edge Society]

04. DJ Deep - Paris Heartbeat [Rekids]

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05. Cursor Miner - Clockwork Banana [Super Rhythm Trax]

06. Slam - Blue Dragon [Soma]

07. Blue Hour - Falling Lines (Pangaea Remix) [Blue Hour]

08. Alden Tyrell - Interceptor [Clone Basement Series]

09. Developer - Leather Corset [Concerns Music]

10. Viktoria - War Child [Decoy]

11. Arjun Vagale - Ultrasharp [ODD]

12. Vonda7 - Analog Heart [Kneaded Pains]

13. Oli Furness - Decisions (Alden Tyrell Remix) [Dext]

14. On/Off - Braintrapped (Petter B Stripped Remix) [Onofficial]

15. Turbo Turbo - Athanasia [Suara]

16. Ryan James Ford - Dress Parade [Shut]

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