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Playlist: Faze Action's Top 10 Late 1970s, Early 1980s Disco Records

The UK duo dig in the crates in honor of their new compilation on Joey Negro's Z Records.
Faze Action

Faze Action

UK brother duo Robin and Simon Lee aka Faze Action have been pushing disco forward for over 20 years. They were just asked to mix the sixth Under The Influence compilation series on Joey Negro’s Z Records, which came out on Friday, May 25 and covers a rare collection of disco, soul, funk and more. In honor of their crate digging, we asked the duo to do more of the same and share 10 of their favorite disco records from the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was a golden era for disco, so there is a lot of music that you may not know that flies under the radar, but still deserves more respect and some play today. Dive into these records for something new in your sets. Pick up the compilation here.

1. Carol Dionne - I’m in Love With You

This one is hard to find but we’ve been playing it out recently and it always gets a lot if interest with people coming to the booth to ask about it. It is soulful disco at its best. There is currently one on Discogs for around £300 (at the time of press). I'm not sure what that is in dollars but I can tell you it’s a lot.

2. Spats - Hot Summer Madness

A fellow digger friend turned me onto this and when I heard it I knew I had to track a copy down. It's great to play in the summer for obvious reasons.

3. Pat Lundy - Work Song

Incredible song and production here. I bought a copy in the mid 90s. We were even asked to do an official re-edit of it. It still sounds amazing. Classic funky, soul, disco track.

4. Emilio Santiago - O Amigo De Nova York

Killer Brazilian disco 12” that's been a big favorite with us in our sets over the years.

5. Eddy Grant - Say I Love You Long (US version)

I Love Eddy Grant. This is not necessarily straight up disco but we are big fans of the extended US long version with its pure feel good, tropical heat.

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6. Full Body - You Got To Dance (12”)

Another expensive 12.” This track reminds me of the Galaxy track, “Let Love Begin,” which we included on our compilation. It has a similar bass line and general feel.

7. Dunn Pearson JR - Groove on Down (12”)

So it’s been out on compilations but it used to be a big record for me, when I played with Dan and Conrad (Idjut Boys) at our night at the 333, circa 1998.

8. Galaxy - Let Love Begin

I'm very glad that this one got licensed for the comp as an original will set you back around £300. It's one of the most in demand, Afro boogie tracks out there.

9. Grupo Controle Digital - A Festa E Nossa

I love this Brazilian boogie / new wave track on a private pressing.

10. Oscar Perry - Body Movements

Included on the Under Influence compilation we are promoting is this killer slice of uptempo disco. Check it out here.

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