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Playlist: Timecop1983 Shares 1980's Influences For Synthwave Album 'Night Drive'

With tunes by Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream and others, there is a great base of influences for Timecop1983.
Timecop 1983


Jordy Leenaerts, known to the music world as Timecop1983, has released his new album Night Drive. It is an aptly titled, 11-track synthwave journey fit for a night drive and potentially down memory lane with rich synths and big, reverbed drums. In honor of the album, we asked Jordy to go down memory lane himself and pick out some of his ‘80s musical influences for us that you can hear helped shape Night Drive. It is clear he was inspired of some of the great soundtrack work of the era. 

Stream Night Drive, which has features with The Midnight, Josh Dally & others, below or pick it up at your favorite store.

Vangelis – Main Titles (from “Blade Runner”)

Blade Runner is one of the greatest science fiction movies ever in my opinion. Even though it was released in 1982 it still feels modern. And that soundtrack by Vangelis is just pure perfection and "Main Titles" being the sum of the soundtrack. It has a very recognizable melody, partly because it is played in almost every synthesizer review on YouTube.

Brad Fiedel – Main Title (from Terminator)

This is the other melody that is almost always played in a synthesizer review on Youtube. And totally deserved! This title track perfectly sets the mood of the film and I just love the relaxed vibe it has.

Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train

This track has been a direct inspiration for the last track of the album “It Was Only A Dream.” I love how they made the song so interesting to listen to with a repeating sequence of only 9 notes. When you hear it for the first time it seems so simple and repeating, but there’s so much deepness in the song.

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John Carpenter – Escape from New York theme

"Escape from New York" is a classic by the master, John Carpenter, despite the out of sync (or weird delayed) bassline.

Jean Michel Jarre – Rendez Vous

Whenever I create an album I try to tell a story with it. I try to match the vibe of all songs together to create a journey for the listener. I “borrowed” this technique from Jean Michel Jarre.

Oxygene made me discover him (only a few years ago), but Rendez Vous made me realize he’s telling a story. You can listen to the songs on their own, but if you play the full album you really feel he tells a story.

Corey Hart – Sunglasses at Night

Another song with a repeating sequence that doesn’t get boring. I especially love the guitar playing in the song. And although you might not say my work is inspired by this, it is.

Ray Parker Jr - Ghostbusters

My parents used to have this on a cassette which they always played in the car and Ghostbusters was my most favorite song on it. This cassette tape sparked my love for eighties music and has been a huge inspiration for all of my work.

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