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Premiere: Swiss DJs Animal Trainer Serve Up Beautiful 10-Minute House Record 'Rigpa'

The Swiss duo deliver a 10-minute master class on "Rigpa."
Animal Trainer

Animal Trainer

Zurich-raised DJs, Sammy Jackson and Adrian Flavor, better known to the dance music world as Animal Trainer are making their debut on Super Flu’s Mona Berry tomorrow with a two-track EP titled Rigpa. Instead of waiting until tomorrow, we figured it would be good idea to show you the title track today, so we have the premiere for you now.

The Swiss pair serve up a 10-minute master class with “Rigpa.” It is a slow-burning, melodic track that eases in new synths, strings and piano that swirl around in a soft haze and work together in a beautiful harmony over a gentle bassline. The song is both danceable and also works to just lie back in a field and enjoy.

With this record, they wanted to do something a little different and it worked pretty damn well this time. We think they should do more of this.

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“We just wanted to do something different to our usual style which turned out to be a song that says song who says YES to life,” the duo explain to Magnetic.

Stream the song in full below or click here for our European readers and pre-order the EP on Beatport.

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