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Premiere: Billy Kenny & Amine Edge & Dance - Balloon Party

Welcome to the party of the century. The tune was made in Fiji.
Billy Kenny

Billy Kenny

This Friday, Billy Kenny will release a five-track EP And Friends 2 on This Ain’t Bristol where every song is a collaboration with a different producer. On this record, Kenny has collaborated with Amine Edge & DANCE on their new record “Balloon Party.”

Like the individuals who made the record, the song is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It asks the listener, and presumably dancing individuals, to step right up to the “party of the century” with some funky, jogging percussion and a quirky, back and forth synths.

The tune came about, Kenny thinks, during their time together on an island in Fiji.

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“I’ve wanted to work with these two for so long now! In that period of time we’ve become friends and I’m pretty sure we made this collab happen over lots of drinks on a tiny island in Fiji,” Kenny explains to Magnetic. “Anyway, it happened and I’m fkn STOKED to have Amine Edge & DANCE on this EP and on This Ain’t Bristol in general!”

If you are in the US and hoping to see this song played out by Amine Edge & Dance or Kenny at a gig, you will have better luck with the former. He is still dealing with his visa being revoked by the US government over having weed in his suitcase when he was flying.

“Balloon Party” and the EP, titled Any Friends 2, which includes collabs with Mija, BOT, Weiss and Wongo, will be released this Friday on Beatport and then everywhere June 1. 

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