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Premiere: DJ Zinc & Jay Robinson - Get Me Some

DJ Zinc links up with newcomer Jay Robinson on a new single "Get Me Some" featuring Ami Carmine out this Thursday via his Bingo Bass label.
DJ Zinc

DJ Zinc

DJ Zinc has been a tear of late, putting out quality records on his Bingo Bass at a constant rate. He has teamed up with Jay Robinson, who has been a mainstay on Night Bass, but is now ready to spread his wings and work with Zinc on the bouncy, bassy “Get Me Some” featuring Ami Carmine.

The uses the vocal from Carmine to set the tone and help you get you some with this beat from Jay Robinson and DJ Zinc. It finds the middle ground between what you may know between the two with some bounce in the bassline, some chugging sub-bass and jogging percussion.

The song came together rather easily according to DJ Zinc.

"Jay knows what he wants to do in the studio and how to use the equipment, so it was really easy and vibesy working with him,” DJ Zinc explains to Magnetic. "I play a lot of his music in my DJ sets so it was a pleasure to co-produce a track that has each of our influence. The first of many I hope!!"

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Jay Robinson

Jay Robinson

Jay Robinson explains what it was like to work with the “intense” DJ Zinc.

“To work with someone like Zinc is pretty intense, he knows what he likes and doesn’t compromise on the end result. The track actually happened pretty organically, we took turns jamming on stuff with the vocals, which Ami had recorded for me before our studio time at Zinc’s place,” the producer recounts. “We bounced the idea back and forth a few times, it didn’t really need much after we got that riff right!”

“Get Me Some” will be released this Thursday, May 31 via Bingo Bass. Until then, stream it below. Pre-order it here.

Can see the track? Head here to listen.

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