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Premiere: Henrik Schwarz & Jules Buckley-Led Metropole Orkest Collab On Inspiring Cross-Genre Song 'Counter Culture'

This is from their collaborative album Scripted Orkestra, which will be released on May 25.
Henrik Schwarz

Henrik Schwarz

Henrik Schwarz is prepping to release one of his most unique and interesting projects to date later this month. He has teamed up with the Jules-Buckley-conducted Metropole Orkest in the Netherlands to create a full album titled Scripted Orkestra. They have started to reveal a few songs from the album and we have one for you today titled “Counter Culture” featuring the inspiring vocals of Ben Westbeech.

The song starts out with just some piano and Westbeech’s voice asking everyone to “let’s get along…. we’ve got to counter the culture.” Elements of the orchestra start to join the song, starting with percussion and then strings, which add an uplifting feeling to the tune. The song doesn’t have the sound of a full, 100 piece orchestra, but the blend of horns, strings, piano and percussion give this song life you wouldn’t normally hear from Schwarz.

"Many bad, weird, absurd, unforeseen things are happening in the world around us. However I didn't want to complain because I believe negative talking and thinking is the wrong way. So I decided to write an ambitious ‘positive protest song.’ I was like walking on a thin line to get the words and music right but with the help and ideas of my friend and wonderful vocalist Ben Westbeech it turned out to be easier than expected,” Schwarz explains to Magnetic.

In addition to the song, they are releasing a video tomorrow and we have the teaser for you today.

“Same thing with the video,” Schwarz continues. “It’s easy to show all the nasty leaders and autocrats and all the other bad things but how would you look at all that from the other side? This video captures everything I was looking for in a beautifully subtle way.”

Both the video and song for "Counter Culture" will be released tomorrow, May 15. 

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Scripted Orkestra will be released on Friday, May 25 via 7K!

Scripted Orkestra Tracklist: 

1. Do You Like What You See?

2. Gygylili

3. You’re A Fireball

4. Counter Culture

5. Stratosphärenspäher

6. AlgoRhythm

7. Me Vibrate

8. Valid Complaint

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