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If we had to describe JT Roach in one word, it’d have to be progressive. It not only applies to his music, which he’s fittingly moved on from the the acoustic singer-songwriter style vibes but it also characterises his overall essence as an artist: always improving, always innovating, and always creating.

We have all heard romantic songs and break-up songs, but what about that type of love that fits somewhere in between? We are enthused to premiere “Lazy Kisses,” his latest release via CloudKid. A captivatingly catchy blend of the modern alt-electronic styling slice of pop and electronic beats, JT impresses once again. Showcasing his ability to craft diverse songs all equally impressive quality, “Lazy Kisses’ is a peep for fans into what to expect from his eagerly awaited debut album. 

Congratulations on the new single. We love it! It is sonically very distinct from your debut release. Was that intentional or did it evolve that way?

Usually songs come together pretty quickly for me, but for whatever reason I was never satisfied with the production on this song until this version. I must have done 10 versions, and played it live for people 100 times, but I finally figured out what groove I wanted after listening to “Chicken Grease” by D’Angelo. I felt that tempo and I was like . . . man. That has to be the feel. After that, putting the production together was all downhill. I know this song is a different direction from the other songs I have on my project, but ultimately I just want to be putting out songs I really believe in, and I think this one will make the live show more fun so that there are parts where people can dance. The production isn’t much of a departure from the others. It’s very minimal. I always try to do the least on the production that I possibly can so that the song itself can be the focus.

What has the response been for this new direction in sound?

I’m not sure ! Some people will love it. Some people will think it’s whack. That’s just the way it goes. I just put out what I love.

What do you hope people feel or take away from listening to your new record?

I hope this song puts people in a good mood and makes them want to dance because that’s how I feel when I perform it.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I think movies, in addition to music, can make you feel a specific way. Are there any movies that you’ve seen recently that really made you feel something, that really inspired you?

I just rewatched Whiplash ! What a movie. Reinspired me as a musician to have some more discipline with my workflow, and reminded me that every day is an opportunity to create something beautiful, and if you don’t bring it to life the world will miss out on it.

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What was your music education like growing up?

I went to great schools and took several cool music classes in high grade school and high school including piano and guitar lessons, but I was never formally taught to write songs. I learned a lot by recording cover songs, and by sitting down with a guitar and playing songs by great songwriters to try and absorb how they thought.

My biggest influences are: The Beatles. Oasis. Michael Jackson. Bon Iver. Jose Gonzalez. D’Angelo. Bon Iver. John Mayer. Dave Matthews. Amos Lee. Jack Johnson. Jonsi & Alex. Radiohead. Oh Wonder.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

I wish I could write a project with Phoebe Bridgers and have Jonsi & Alex produce it.

Whose career would you say you admire the most or that you look up to in terms of music?

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. Wisconsin! Represent! (I’m from Madison.) He seems like a good dude, and I respect his work so much. I also love that he brought the music scene to his home town in Eau Claire. So cool.

What can fans expect to hear from you for the rest of 2018? Is an album in the works?

More singles and an album. Lots of songs I’m super stoked to put out. Constantly writing new material too. This is just the beginning for sure.

The collaboration with CloudKid came about naturally. They posted a song I did with Stephen called “Wasted Roses” and I believe I sent them a message to thank them for sharing the music and we kinda just started chatting about what we are both working on. We then realised there was potential to collaborate on a release and kind of took it from there. CloudKid has been amazing to work with in that they wanted me to stay true to my own brand and just want to help me grow in exposure using their audience. We have a music video coming out soon together as well. They really do just want to help artists that they believe in, and I am really grateful for all their help.

Cop "Lazy Kisses" here. 

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