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Premiere: Jon Rundell Unleashes No Nonsense 'Reality' On Octopus

The Reality EP will be released this Monday, May 21.
Jon Rundell

Jon Rundell

Sian's Octopus Recordings is ready to welcome back UK techno producer, label owner and DJ Jon Rundell for another release. After releases around the techno landscape and putting out free releases on his own ETCH imprint, he is bringing his no nonsense style of techno to the label in the form of a two-track EP this Monday and we have the title track “Reality” to premiere for you today.

“Reality” is pure, relentless techno. It doesn’t make a stop off at atmospheric or melodic techno, it hits you right in the face. On a proper sound system, it is thundering through your mind, body, soul and bones with chugging bass, rolling synths and some eerie pads in the background.

“I just decided to lay some no nonsense beats down and see where it took me; hours later and ‘Reality’ was beginning to take shape,” Rundell explains to Magnetic. “I took it into Alex Tepper’s studio and we played around with the sounds and it suddenly just came to life!”

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The Reality EP will be released this Monday, May 21 via Octopus. Stream the title track below as much as you want over the weekend here until it arrives then. Pre-order the EP here.

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