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Left/Right's Remix of Karma Fields "Colorblind" is Magic

The Texas producer's take is a haunting and emotional piece of dance music
Photo Credit: LOVISE

Photo Credit: LOVISE

There's a magic that happens when you find a remix that really pulls you inside of the music, even if only for a few minutes these gems can make the world completely fall away. It's a unique feeling, and one you might find yourself experiencing as you listen to Left/Right's remix of "Colorblind" by Karma Fields.

Left/Right dark and moving breakbeats wrap beautifully around Tove Lo's voice, that take on a haunting quality in this remix and gives the melancholy of the lyrics a whole new context. This is dance music overflowing with emotion.

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"Working on this remix for Karma and Tove Lo was really incredible and one of my favorite tunes I've worked on in awhile," says the Texas producer. "The song really resonated with me. I often make club-oriented music but I tried to push a more introspective feeling on this one. I wanted to maximize the emotional depth in the lyrics and vocal performance and I'm really happy with how it turned out: kind of a raw blend of joy and sorrow."

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