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Premiere: Luke Million Breathes Summertime Disco Into Duke Dumont 'Inhale'

Get ready for a blast of funk and disco on this remix from Luke Million.
Luke Million

Luke Million

Duke Dumont doesn’t flood the market with music, but he always makes sure to put out quality when he does release a track. That is no different with his recent single “Inhale” with Ebenezer and now the British stalwart is prepping a slew of remixes for the track. We are happy to premiere the Luke Million remix, which gives the tune a fresh blast of summertime disco.

“Inhale” is already a quality song, but Australian Luke Million makes it better. He makes this perfect for an ocean drive or sipping some fancy drink on a rooftop. After a few of those, the funky bassline will get you dancing, blending with his added synth work. Be about that synth solo at around 2:40.

Luke Million explains how he was able to put the remix together with some of his studio equipment.

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"When Duke sent me 'Inhale' I fell in love with it immediately and couldn't wait to jump into the studio to give it the synth treatment,” Luke Million explains to Magnetic. “To take it into a new territory I stripped it all back, taking only Ebenezer's vocal and then jamming away using my Multimoog and Oberheim OB8 synthesizers and driving the beat with the classic Linn LM-1 drum machine."

Duke Dumont says about the remix, "Luke did a really good job on this remix, taking it from my original peak time club mix to a more laid back Cali vibe."

The remix will be released tomorrow, June 1. Until then, stream it below because it is damn funky. 

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