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Premiere: 'Ride On Time' Group Black Box Share Black Presley Remix For 'Everyone Will Follow'

Black Presley adds some grit to this record from a classic group.
Black Box

Classic house group Black Box at last re-released their single “Ride On Time” last month after 29 years of trying to get the iconic Loleatta Holloway sample officially cleared again. Now that they put out their biggest record, again, the group is moving forward with another release and a remix for their track “Everyone Will Follow” by Black Presley.

There is a little extra grit in this remix. Black Presley brings in some searing acid, pulsing sub-bass and thunderous drums that shine in a breakbeat break. Presley makes sure to keep the vocals on top and in the spotlight, because they would be damn fools to do otherwise.

The remix will be released tomorrow along with a remix from Black Box that was originally found on their April 20 album Superbest.

We also got to asked Black Box a few questions about the single, “Ride On Time” and what makes the ‘90s so special.

Why did you have Black Presley remix this tune?

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‘Cause they are damn good, and I wanted to give them a chance!

How did you eventually get the Loleatta Holloway "Love Sensation" sample cleared?

I heard that BMG records have bought the Salsoul catalogue recently, so I thought to enquire if they would have given us the permission, and it was much easier than I thought to get it.

What were some of the main obstacles to getting it cleared?

Well, the main obstacle was that Salsoul records changed hands so many times we got completely lost,

What do you think is it about 90’s dance music that people revere so much?

It has a good vibe and it’s quite catchy without being ridiculous, staying quite cool in the making. It also combine a lot of history, from funk to disco and other pillars genres of dance music, all mixed together in style.

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