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Premiere: Squire - Panda Girl

Step into a jungle with Squire on his new single.


Spanish producer Squire is releasing a new EP on 3000 Grad Records tomorrow. We are happy to premiere the second tune from the EP Turning Points now titled "Panda Girl."

This is not just another tech house track that is the same hi-hat, drum beat and fluttering synth line you will hear over and over again from some labels. This is a hypnotic record with a repeated percussion line meant to draw you into a trance. Then sounds from birds, flutes, tambourines and other objects flash or flutter by you as if you were sitting in a drum circle and these sounds were enveloping you.

If you don’t catch the single in the next two weeks on Beatport, the label will be releasing it for free on May 15. “Panda Girl” will arrive on his Turning Points EP, which has three singles and then remixes from Timboletti, Stephan Zovsky & Mollono.Bass and Marc Vogler.

1) Squire - Grassroots (Original Mix)

2) Squire - Panda Girl (Original Mix)

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3) Squire - Prime Barrier (Original Mix)

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Listen on our SoundCloud and pre-order the track on Beatport.

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