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Premiere: VRWRK Release Darker, Moody Nite Version Of 'Your Touch'

It captures that "hazy club" experience.

UK electronic music trio, VRWRK released their single “Your Touch” earlier this month and now are ready to release the “Nite Version,” which is a darker take on their own production. Comprised of East London-based producers Matt Sey and Jergan Callebaut (a psychiatrist and psychologist, respectively) and soulful graphic designer and vocalist Salem Khazali, the trio have started to bubble up with gigs around the UK.

The new Nite Version takes the soothing original and adds some acid and deeper bass, to give the track a darker, moodier production. They loop the vocals and distort them so they act more as a melodic element and not a centerpiece of the song. You can start out with the original version in a set and then close out with this.

“Our writing process is heavily influenced by playing live and we love remixing our tracks,” explain the trio to Magnetic. “We played this one not too long ago at our sold-out Birthdays show and the energy was just such a vibe. We thought it made a lot of sense to capture that hazy club experience as a release too."

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The Nite Version of “Your Touch” will be released Friday, May 25. Until then, stream it below. 

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