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Premiere: WAVEDASH, Quest Unleash Some Thunderous 'Devil Music' On Mad Zoo

The single will be out tomorrow on Mat Zo's Mad Zoo.


In the music-writing world, the term rising star is often thrown around more than celebrity relationships before album cycles. However, Austin, Texas dance trio, WAVEDASH have all the makings of, dare I say it, rising stars. They have released on OWSLA, officially remixed Excision and DJ Snake and collabed with Slander. Now they are headed to Mat Zo’s Mad Zoo with a new single "Devil Music" alongside QUEST & fknsyd, who wrote and produced the vocals, which we have for you today before it is released tomorrow.

This collaboration is not for the faint of heart -- their name IS in all caps. It has an ominous start, slowly building with some grinding saws, which then give way to some punchy, vintage electro house. If you wanted something a little different, the second drop comes with what the kids want in 2018. Dubstep. After some more punchy drums, WAVEDASH & Quest run rampant with some gritty dubstep that doesn’t sound like an alien screaming in your ear, but rather has some real nuance to it.

“Devil Music” is something that has been in the works for almost two years now.

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“'Devil Music' is an idea we started with Zander (QUEST) back in 2016. Originally, it was just a few demos inspired by some of the music we were listening to at the time. We thought the name ‘Devil Music’ encompassed the sound of these demos, as we aimed to hone the gritty, evil aspect of how things sounded sonically. However, we found that this was making the project one-dimensional. The tracks lacked identity, and our goal was to turn these songs into something more than just drops,” WAVEDASH explains to Magnetic.

“This idea really stuck with us as we finished the tracks. It had become apparent that a lot of dubstep tracks being released at the time were solely focused on a drop. We could see the same in our previous work, and it bothered us.”

The single will be released via Mat Zo’s Mad Zoo tomorrow and he is excited about having it on his label. There may also be more from WAVEDASH coming in the future, soon.

“WAVEDASH and QUEST are already known to be brilliant young producers, but ‘Devil Music’ shows a sophisticated side to them well beyond their years,” explains Mat Zo “The WAVEDASH guys are huge fans of The M Machine (as are we), and you can definitely hear that in this song.”

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