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Soul Bandit Drops New Visuals for "Living A Dream"

The queen of Ghoul Pop does it all including making her own videos.
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Photo by: Christina Boemio

Photo by: Christina Boemio

In a day and age where artists are taking complete control over all of their artistic mediums, it comes to no surprise to see producers dabble into other forms of digital art. That is exactly what LA's own Soul Bandit has done with her latest visual piece that acts as the official music video for her most recent single "Living A Dream" which we shared with you just a few weeks ago. Soul Bandit had this to say about her latest work.

"Although conceptually the video is completely separate from the meaning behind the song, I feel like the track has a very spacey/outer-worldly feel to it. I just wanted to have fun with making some visuals to go along with the song, so I just put together what felt right in the moment. This is my first attempt at (single handedly) making a full length visual accompaniment to a song, so although it isn't perfect I enjoyed experimenting with making it and I feel like, when combined, it creates an appropriately enhanced experience." - Soul Bandit

Soul Bandit's first dive into creating her own visuals is pretty impressive all things considered. I really enjoyed the futuristic vibe that the video put out and I feel like this could easily be a representation of a dream world that I might have all visited once or twice before in the past. It almost feels like a scene from a movie that I know I've seen but can't remember when or how or with who. Check out the video for yourself and stay tuned for more from Soul Bandit. 

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