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Study: A Lot Of People Are Having Sex At Festivals

And a lot of oral sex too.
This Is The Most Un-Burning Man Thing About Burning Man Ever

Ever wonder how many people are getting it on at a festival? Maybe not because you are one of those people getting freaky, but now a study by Tickpick (which fittingly sounds like dick pick, but moving on) attempts to see how much sex people are having. Camping makes things easier, so Electric Forest and Bonnaroo came out on top, followed by the free-spirited Burning Man. However, non-camping festivals do make the cut as well.

30% of attendees in the Forest said they had sex, while 27.3% of Bonnaroo attendees, and 25% of Burning Man attendees said they had sex there. These percentages are followed by Ultra, EDC and Coachella that are all around 20%, which is impressive since Ultra and EDC haven’t been camping festivals traditionally (EDC added that option recently). In total, more than one third of festival goers according to the survey said they copulated with another person at a festival.

Sex at Festivals

Let's get freaky

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Burning Man is the king of oral sex, miles ahead of its competition. It tops the list with 28.62 of respondents saying they had oral with someone, followed by Electric Forest at 21%, EDC at 18.7% and Ultra, Coachella and Bonnaroo all right behind. In total 46.4% of music festival attendees say they had oral sex with someone they’d just met.

Music Festivals Oral Sex

Just hope this isn't all on day 3

You may be asking, where is all of this happening? Are people just fucking all around me and I didn’t know? 15% say in the crowd (seeing people get REAL frisky in the crowd isn’t that rare), while 48% said they had done it in a car, 58.1% in a tent, 20% in a camper or RV and then 9.4% used a port-a-potty. Yikes.

festival location sex

People fucking all around me

When it comes to sexual exploits where you rely on self-reporting, you have to take this with some grains of salt because individuals do like to boast. This isn’t the definitive survey, but gives a decent overview of people’s sex habits when in the midst of music, drugs and alcohol. Excited for festival season?

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