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The Lights/Out Selection: Selective Response

The new kid on the block hands us over 120 minutes of blistering techno and industrial for our 40th episode.
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Every month, I dig deep through my record collection to bring you the freshest cuts from across the globe, with sounds ranging from ambient, to pop, to hard techno, in order to create for you a mix like nothing else around. All genres of music are welcome, and there are no rules. If the music is good, it gets played. Lights out heads down, this is the sound of the world's underground.


Can you believe we have finally reached 40 episodes? Crazy. In March, we were fortunate enough to have the one and only Sailor & I provide us an incredibly class mix. This month, we go straight to the depths of the underground with a mix from a new face on the scene, Selective Response. The LA native, who has already gained support from the likes of Amelie Lens, Cleric, Matrixxman, and even BBC Radio 1, has turned in a mix spanning just over 120 minutes of pure punishing techno. Here's what he had to say about the mix:

For this mix, the goal was to create a mix that flows with a relentless energy and heavy atmosphere, almost oppressive at times, but enjoyable and and danceable at the same time. The mix features tracks from myself, my friends, and other incredibly talented artists, spanning from EBM to Industrial to my vision of techno. Hope you enjoy it. -SR

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