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Weedsday Playlist: Arcane Revelry Founder Crystal Bauer Feldman Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
Crystal Feldman

Arcane Revelry founder Crystal Feldman enjoying a spliff

Founded by Crystal Bauer Feldman, Arcane Revelry is a plant inspired pop-up movement with a mission to unite innovators and progressives and educate and celebrate responsibly. Brought together by a philanthropic cause over the best local haute cuisine, Arcane Revelry events focus on building a community of trust and establishing a model for the value of social consumption by providing a safe and private venue to connect with members of our community. Her next event on June 2nd features Top Chef’s Betty Fraser and Denise Dicarlo at Grub restaurant, in the heart of Hollywood, for an evening of CBD-infused culinary collaborations. Grab tickets here before they sell out. Later in the month, stay tuned for a special collaboration with Bong Appétit’s Ry Prichard and some of L.A.’s top celebrity chefs. For more info follow Arcane Revelry’s Instagram page.

“Music, like cannabis and food, is another universal way I connect with the world and make a difference,” Feldman shares with MAGNETIC. The prolific event producer strives to help heal the damage done by the War on Drugs and seeks to normalize cannabis consumption by creating memorable experiences for consumers and brands alike. Check out Crystal’s Weedsday Playlist below for a smooth selection of songs and some intriguing insights from the producer herself.

"Don't You (Joe Kay's Slowed Edit)" by Sage The Gemini

One night I got invited as a plus one to this famous musician’s birthday party. I was curious to see who this musician whom I looked up to would have playing his 30th birthday party. That’s the night I met DJ/producer Joro Boro. He was spinning this track, and I was drawn to his music like a moth to a flame. He is now the DJ I use for Arcane Revelry events. No matter where I am hosting an event, I’ll fly Joro Boro in from Manhattan, just for his amazing vibes and sounds.

"Feather" by Little Dragon

This is my go to song when I am feeling down, or just can’t decide what to listen to. It starts out with this hypnotizing beat, sexy bass line, and then proceeds to take you in to an elevated sound bath with a sultry voice and metaphorical lyrics. I love this song because it embodies all that it means to be feminine— the struggles, the wisdom, the agility, and the beauty. Need a sonic pick me up? The vibrations of the sounds combined with lyrics of this song should do it.

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"Priestess (Shura Remix)" by Pumarosa

As priestess of the elements — earth, air, fire and water, I conjure ancient alchemy and plant medicine and channel it in to my productions. I call it Arcane Revelry. Utilizing all that is natural and channeling it into an artistic craft is the challenge, but this song reminds me of my destiny. Through cooking (fire), smoking (air), earth (food), beverages (water), and well-curated sights and sounds, I can create magical experiences.

“Oh Girl” by Julian Marley

One of the things that drew me to Julian’s sound is his intense message of spiritual connection through his music. Julian mixes contemporary new sounds with classic roots of reggae with soulful vibes and beautiful melodies. When I listen to Julian’s album Awake, it takes me through decades of my favorite music with a modern twist. “Oh Girl” resonates with me and reminds me of my favorite 60s soul music. His most recent release “Straighter Roads” is on fire, as well. I would recommend smoking one of his “JuJu Royal” joints while listening.

"Love Like Mine" by Miami Horror

Growing up in the 80s, recording my my favorite songs off the radio to my tape player, I became a connoisseur of synth pop, catchy tunes and one hit wonders. I remember my first real tapes were, "Let’s Dance" by David Bowie, New Kids on the Block (total babes and hit machines) and Michael Jackson. No one has really been able to come correct 80’s style since then, but this band Miami Horror is on point. Feeling a little Michael Jackson-esque in their groovy sounds, they are also a group of guys (boy band) and are glam artists (David Bowie.) This band is a slam dunk for me. 

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