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Weedsday Playlist: Broccoli Magazine’s Anja Charbonneau Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
Broccoli Magazine Issue 02

Cat art by Stephen Eichhorn for Issue 02

Chances are, you’ve stumbled across a copy of Broccoli Magazine, a magazine for cannabis lovers founded by Anja Charbonneau, on your friend’s coffee table or the pages of Vogue. But this isn’t your typical weed publication. Broccoli is women-led and looks at cannabis through the lens of art, culture and fashion. With a background in creative publishing and photography, Anja took her experience as creative director at Kinfolk and, along with her team, has produced a delightful read, chocked full of fun imagery and interesting stories. That’s why MAGNETIC asked Anja to curate this week’s Weedsday Playlist.

Spark up and enjoy!

Broccoli Magazine 02 Cover

Broccoli Issue 02 cover

“Les Fleurs” by Minnie Riperton

Minnie Riperton’s song “Les Fleurs” is from her 1970 album, Come To My Garden. It’s a sparkling, hazy song sung from the perspective of a flower. Minnie Riperton’s voice is extra special, she’s able to hit notes in the whistle register, the highest vocal register a human can reach (think: Mariah Carey). When I listen to “Les Fleurs” I’m instantly pulled in to a psychedelic, gentle dreamworld, where everything is floral and nothing is bad.

“Ring My Bell” by The Blood Sisters

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This is a cover of Anita Ward’s song “Ring My Bell”, which was a huge hit in 1979. Ward’s version is wonderful, it has a peppy lightness and if you watch old videos of her performing it there’s a tangible disco nightlife vibe. The Blood Sisters version also came out in 1979, and it’s hard to find much information about it. It was an a reggae disco compilation, and that should give you an idea of its mood. Disco, but with a relaxed energy. Weirdly, it appears that it was also on a Grand Theft Auto soundtrack.

“The Jungle Line” by Joni Mitchell

I’m slowly collecting music that invokes Rousseau’s jungle paintings, and this one does it quite literally. Rousseau never went to the jungle, but spent time in plant conservatories imagining what it would be like to be amongst the weird animals, larger-than-life plants and whatever might be lurking in the dark. Joni Mitchell’s song kicks off with a twisted mess of sound that immediately sends you to the jungle, or at least, what we might imagine the jungle to be like. It’s a little uncomfortable, but in a good way.

“Apply” by Glasser

I consider this song to be part of my favorite imaginary genre of music: evil fairytale soundtracks. There’s a layer of strange, beautiful, magical and epic all mixed into one track, and it brings me back to being a kid and flipping through illustrated fairy tale books with really complicated fantastical scenes. I imagine this song playing three-quarters of the way through a journey through a strange fairyland. It’s the kind of music that I want to listen to while lying in the dark, letting my imagination take over, like when you are falling asleep and seeing half-snippets of visuals as your brain sparks into dreamland.

“MFN” by Cibo Matto

I have loved Cibo Matto since their debut studio album in ‘96, Viva La Woman! The songs on that album are all about food, and are a perfect mix of dreamy and irreverent. I recently discovered that they put out an album in 2014, Hotel Valentine, and “MFN” (stands for “Motherfucking Nature”) is one of my favorite tracks from that release. I love Cibo Matto for being conceptual, but open-ended—they do not over explain their concepts, but give you just enough to craft your own fantasy around the music. At Hotel Valentine there’s a ghost girl, drama with housekeepers and room service, food references aplenty, and MFN even treats us with a little weed. The rest is up to you to interpret. 

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